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Flute Workshop at Sunburst

posted Nov 18, 2011, 8:29 AM by Erica Reinheimer
On Saturday January 14th, Al King will be holding the third in a series of Native American style flute workshops. The workshop will be at the Sunburst Sanctuary about 40 minutes north of Santa Barbara. This sanctuary is located on 4,000 acres of mixed oak woodland and and grassy meadows along highway one. It will run from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm. The suggested donation is $25.

At the first workshop we went over the basics of the NAF and started down a road of musical discovery which I hope will cover many of the aspects of music. My goal is that the students will learn both techniques for improvisation on this wonderful instrument as well as explore the many elements of music. We have been working with some exercises to get the students accustomed to playing with a rhythm as well as referencing a base pitch. We have been taking turns providing the rhythm for these exercises, so we are not only learning the flute but expanding our rhythmic abilities. We are going beyond the six notes of the "basic scale" on the flute and gradually learning to access all fifteen of the notes available on some of the six hole flutes. Gradually we will begin going beyond the minor pentatonic scale and learn about other scales and modes: the goal of which is to allow a larger pallet of feelings to be expressed in our improvisations. 

I can't detail what this workshop will cover, but I do want to go over an exercise designed to widen one's improvisational abilities and explore the concept of pitch intervals though some basic duet exercises.

If you are interested in attending the next workshop, please contact me so we can go over the details.

Blessings, Al KIng