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2011 Flute Workshops at the Guadalupe Dunes Center!

posted Dec 21, 2010, 7:26 PM by Alice Reinheimer
Exciting plans for the 2011 flute workshop series at the Gudalupe Dunes Center.  There will be workshops available for all levels of players and opportunity to purchase flutes from select vendors.

Listen & Play! - Focused to develop player's inner ear and play songs without the use of song sheets.  Participants who attend are at various levels of flute playing.  This will help players learn memory techniques using the greatest jukebox ever created - the human brain.  Discussion on tone recognition, flute exercises, and demonstrations.  Reveal your talents and play your favorite songs.  Includes workbook, CD and multimedia presentation. 

Flute Zensation 

Let your inspiration out and discover the zen techniques to fluting.  Participants are guided along the dunes boardwalk to see the natural beauty of wildlife at Oso Flaco Lake and then view the magnificent wonders of the dunes and beach.  You will experience a journey through the inner soul.  Snacks, beverage and zen style flute provided.  Hiking along level surface required on 1.5 mile path.  Zen tea break during hike to play songs.  Restrooms available at beginning and mid-point of hike. 

Epic Songs with Flutes & Percussion

In 1923, pioneer filmmaker Cecil. B. DeMille built the largest set in movie history at the Guadlupe Dunes for his silent epic, The Ten Commandments. It was called "The City of the Pharaoh" and the set is buried in the sand is known as the "Lost City of Cecil B. DeMille."  In this workshop, we will journey back to Pharaoh to add music to the silent epic using flutes, drums, percussion instruments, guitars and any instrument that is desired.  Select scenes will be shown in a studio setting to record your song creation.  You will have an epic time and open to all levels of musicians.

From the Beginning

Learn the techninques to properly play native American style flutes.  In this non-stressful and relaxed playing workshop, confidence will be increased so that you can continue on a long flute journey.  Discussion on flute scales and basic musicianship.  No previous experience required, however, all levels will benefit.  Includes workbook and special DVD.

Make Your Own Bamboo Flute

More details to follow with this special workshop led by well known flutemaker Nash.

Food, lodging and workshop fee information will be available.  Portion of workshop fees are contributed to support Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes Center.

Alice Reinheimer,
Dec 21, 2010, 7:31 PM